Pasaden (Etizolam) 1mg


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Pasaden (Etizolam) 1mg

Pasaden (Etizolam) 1mg  are indicated only when the disorder is severe, disabling, and subjecting the individual to severe distress.

What you need to know before taking Pasaden

Treatment with Pasaden, as with similar drugs, should be as short as possible in relation to the therapeutic indication: a maximum of four weeks for sleep disturbances and eight to twelve weeks for anxiety, including a gradual withdrawal period ending.

Some loss of efficacy (“tolerance”) may develop after repeated use of benzodiazepines and related substances.

Prolonged use can also lead to the development of physical and mental dependence; the risk in this regard increases with the dose and duration of treatment and is greater in patients who abuse drugs or alcohol.


Posology Anxiety, tension and other somatic or psychiatric manifestations associated with anxiety syndrome : 0.250.50 mg two or three times a day; or 1 mg, two tablets a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) in more intense disorders. Insomnia : 1-2 mg at bedtime, according to individual needs, according to medical prescription. The dosage indicated can also be taken using the package in drops, considering that 10 drops are equal to 0.25 mg. Special populations Renal and/or hepatic impairment In the treatment of patients with impaired hepatic and/or renal function, the dosage must be carefully established by the doctor who will have to evaluate a possible reduction of the above doses.Elderly In the treatment of elderly patients, the posology must be carefully established by the doctor who will have to evaluate a possible reduction of the above doses. However, the daily dose should not exceed 1.5 mg.

Side effects

Like all medicines, Pasaden 20cpr rev 1mg can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them. Pasaden is generally well tolerated. However, if the dosage is not adjusted to individual needs, the following undesirable effects may occur: drowsiness (during the day if the product is used for sleep disorders), dulling of emotions, reduced alertness, confusion, speech disorders, fatigue, headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, ataxia, eye disorders, double vision, thirst, nausea and rash.

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